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Ice Removal

Extreme weather conditions sometimes lead to iced pavements. This is not due to the failure of snow plowing services but caused by continuing snowfall combined with temperatures far below zero degrees or by freezing rain. Since iced pavements are much more hazardous than snow covered ones, each homeowner is obliged to fulfill their statutory and social duty of an effective removal of icy conditions.

For this reason, the snow plowing service BEST is happy to be able to offer a complete ice removal of pavements and driveways in addition to the gritting service. This is possible thanks to modern HANSA vehicles that brave all weather conditions and make possible the removal of ice at anytime. Thus, the risk of accidents caused by slipperiness can be drastically reduced.

If you wish to be able to face the winter calmly and to be sure to have ice-free pavements all winter long, please contact us for a non-binding offer.

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