Your Winter Service Berlin

Positions offered

Every year, during the winter months from 1 November to 31 March, we are seeking reliable employees for winter services. The offer involves a minor employment.


Work requirements

In case of need, the employees have to be on call continuously. They are required to possess their own car and have to turn up at the base on request.

Whether an operation takes place depends on the forecasts of the German Meteorological Service.


General requirements

  1. We are seeking employees with and without driving licence.
  2. Willingness and reliability are expected.
  3. Work experience concerning snow plowing is advantageous. The employment contract is fixedterm (seasonal).

*** Feel free to send us your application or call us. ***

Your Winter Service Berlin

The Winter Service BEST is there for you around the clock!

Convince yourself of our know-how and our service. In terms of snow and ice removal, please ensure the quality and thoroughness your property deserves during winter.

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