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Removal of Grit

Just as important as gritting is in times of icy conditions, just as annoying is the gritting material after the thaw: Apart from unsightly pavements, everyone knows the characteristic of the grit to get stuck in the treads of shoes and to be carried into the house and flat, as a result. More problematic is the danger of slipping that can be caused by the gritting material. Therefore, each landlord is obliged to remove the remains of grit in an appropriate way and without delay. In doing so, it has to be considered that it is not allowed to sweep the grit into the gutter channel. Instead, it should be disposed of as residual waste.

In order to release you from all winter duties, we are at your disposal during temporary periods of thaw or at the end of winter, as for the removal of grit. Thanks to our all-round service that includes the removal of grit, you can face the winter without any worries and obligations.

If you are interested in snow and ice control services including the removal of grit, please do not hesitate to contact us for an individual offer.

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