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Frequently Asked Questions Concerning the Winter Service

Listed below are answers to frequently asked questions around the winter service.

Which obligations do Berlin homeowners have during winter?

The homeowners` obligations regarding winter service are listed in the Berlin Street Cleaning Law from 19 December 1978. The latest version is visible on this website under "our company".

How does your company prepare for the winter service?

In cooperation with a German weather service, from 01 November to 15 April, we obtain a special weather forecast by fax, four times a day. Furthermore, the Winter Service BEST receives warning messages via SMS that indicate potential winter dangers, so that the employees of our winter service can get prepared to take up their work, immediately.

When does you company perform the winter service?

When the first snow falls or icy conditions occur, our workers are getting ready to start their work. Once the snowfall stops, they will immediately begin to remove the snow.

In which cases is it necessary to remove the snow or to grit?

Once the snowfall stops or icy conditions occur, snow and icy conditions have to be removed on weekdays between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. and on Sundays and public holidays between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. After 8 p.m., as a general rule, there is no obligation to remove snow or icy conditions.

What does the Winter Service BEST pay attention to, if commissioned for the winter service?

As a basic principle, we remove the snow from pavements adjacent to the property in a width of 1,50 metres. In doing so, the snow should not be pushed onto the road, but towards the side of the pavement. Additionally, we ensure that areas around stops for public transport and for school buses are freed from snow and icy conditions.

Which material does your company use as grit?

Concerning the choice of the gritting material, we pay attention to environmental aspects and, therefore, only use environmentally friendly grit like sand or gravel. To minimize the danger of slipping, it is also important that the gritting material is effective. In Berlin, it is generally not allowed to use salt. Solely the Berlin cleansing department has an allowance for salt gritting, given that the application of deadening materials stays ineffective.

Where do you leave the snow and what do you do with the remains of grit?

As snow and ice from private properties are not allowed to be deposited on pavements and bikeways or on the road, we push the snow towards the side of the pavement which is adjacent to the road. Or, where this is not possible, we shove the snow to the sides of the road, in a way that the road traffic and foot traffic are impaired as little as possible. In order to avoid „backwater“, we ensure that gutter channels, inflows to drainage systems, fireplugs, and the cover plates of the supply lines are permanently kept free from snow. Furthermore, we clear meltwater drainages and ensure that the water is able to drain off when it starts to thaw. In order to avoid slipping, remains of grit are disposed of as well. When we are not instructed to remove the remains of grit, the client himself is responsible for doing so.

Do I need to keep dealing with the issue of winter service?

No. When you decide to commission us for winter service, you do not need to deal with snow removal any longer. When the contract is concluded, each property is liability insured and the according takeover declaration is transmitted to the regulatory agency. Thus, you are freed from any obligations concerning winter service and can face the winter calmly.

Snow Evacuation

In case of strong and continuing snowfall and dependent on factors like location, size, and surrounding, on some properties snow masses can lead to a lack of space. In that case, sooner or later, the question of where to leave the snow arises. The accumulation of snow close to buildings is not only an unpleasant solution in terms of visual effects but can also cause problems like limited parking facilities and flooded basements in case of quick thawing.

Due to our long experience in business, we know about the problems and disadvantages that might arise in the context of continuing snowfall in combination with a lack of space on private properties as well as on commercial ones. Besides a professional assessment of the situation, we therefore offer to completely remove the snow from your property in order to ensure safety and free movement.

If you are seeking a reliable snow plowing service in Berlin that not only offers the standard winter services but, in case of need, also takes over the evacuation of snow masses without any problems, feel free to contact us for a non-binding offer.

The Winter Service BEST is there for you around the clock!

Convince yourself of our know-how and our service. In terms of snow and ice removal, please ensure the quality and thoroughness your property deserves during winter.

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