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Snow Plowing Service

According to the Berlin Street Cleaning Law, all house and property owners are responsible for the removal of snow and icy conditions. In case of not or not sufficiently fulfilling this obligation, they carry the liability risk if it comes to damage to property or persons. By commissioning the Winter Service BEST for the snow removal, not only a reliable removal of snow and icy conditions is guaranteed, but also the liability is transferred to us. Therefore, all winter long, you are on the safe side in terms of right as well.

Even if short-term snow removal missions are needed, e.g. for holiday replacement or sick leave cover, we are happy to step in – no matter if we are asked to help out for a single day or for several weeks. Thanks to that, worries and concerns about snow and icy conditions finally belong to the past so that you can enjoy the nice side of snow, while we are providing secure pavements and driveways.

In addition to the snow plowing service, we offer extra services like ice removal, snow evacuation, removal of gritting material, removal of icicles, and roof snow removal. We are happy to make you an offer that best suits your requirements and wishes.

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