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Snow Clearance

According to the Berlin Street Cleaning Law, each property owner is obliged to clear the snow from the pavements and driveways surrounding the property. If failing to act, the property owner will carry the full legal responsibility if it comes to personal or material damage. This does not only concern commercial parkings and areas but also small private driveways. The Winter Service BEST is not able to keep the winter away from you but to free you from the corresponding duties!

No matter if single instruction, sick leave cover, holiday replacement or durable solution: Per contract the Winter Service BEST takes over the snow clearance for the needed time period and makes sure that your pavements and driveways are thoroughly freed from snow and are accessible for pedestrians and vehicles.

If commercial or private property –we make you an offer for snow clearance that exactly meets your needs. Do contact us by using the contact form or by calling 030 / 85 07 10 94.

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