Your Winter Service Berlin

Listed below are some good reasons why you should engage a professional company for snow and ice control.

According to the Berlin Street Cleaning Law, during winter, each homeowner is responsible for the removal of snow and icy conditions. This responsibility applies to all adjacent public pavements, roads and places.
The purpose of this law is to prevent the danger of slipping due to icy conditions for the users of these paths.

Therefore, in the event of non-performance, each homeowner is liable and carries the legal consequences if damage to property or persons has been caused. The liability is subject to private law (compensation for damage to property or persons like bone fractures, bruises, and grazes, as well as damage to clothing) as well as to criminal law, especially regarding personal injury by negligence. By commissioning the Winter Service BEST for the snow removal, not only a perfect availability of pavements, driveways, and roads is ensured, but also the liability is transferred to us.

Our Services for You:

  • snow removal
  • removal of ice / icy conditions
  • gritting service
  • transmission of the takeover declaration to the regulatory agency
  • holiday replacement
  • granting of insurance coverage by a professional liability insurance
  • free taking of measurements for existing customers and much more

Snow Evacuation

In case of strong and continuing snowfall and dependent on factors like location, size, and surrounding, on some properties snow masses can lead to a lack of space. In that case, sooner or later, the question of where to leave the snow arises. The accumulation of snow close to buildings is not only an unpleasant solution in terms of visual effects but can also cause problems like limited parking facilities and flooded basements in case of quick thawing.

Due to our long experience in business, we know about the problems and disadvantages that might arise in the context of continuing snowfall in combination with a lack of space on private properties as well as on commercial ones. Besides a professional assessment of the situation, we therefore offer to completely remove the snow from your property in order to ensure safety and free movement.

If you are seeking a reliable snow plowing service in Berlin that not only offers the standard winter services but, in case of need, also takes over the evacuation of snow masses without any problems, feel free to contact us for a non-binding offer.

The Winter Service BEST is there for you around the clock!

Convince yourself of our know-how and our service. In terms of snow and ice removal, please ensure the quality and thoroughness your property deserves during winter.

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