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Snow Clearance Equipment

Snow clearance equipment is used to keep streets and sidewalks free of snow or at least to make sure that there is no new snow. The easiest snow clearance device for private households consists of snow shovels, which are used manually. Fresh snow can be cleared away from the doorways, garage entrances or the side walk. But now we have addressed one of the basic problems in connection with clearing away
snow: What to do with it?

If there is enough space in your yard, when it is also covered with snow, you should use it and not push the snow back onto the street from where it will be pushed back onto the sidewalk when the clearing crews come. Devices that make the snow melt and remove it this way are also only suitable to a limited degree. When ice forms on the sidewalks it is even more dangerous than firm snow which has hardened.

Snow ploughs are snow clearing devices for regions with snow that is approx. 20 cm high – this depends on the device – which move the snow aside with the power of a motor. They can be bought in stores if required for a larger surface. They also come as attachments for small tractors. Large ploughs that are used to clear streets can cope with a height of up to 50 cm, particularly when the snow is fresh and light and powdery. They are usually combined with attachments to strew salt and stones which make sure that the remaining snow and ice pieces on the streets melt. They are mainly used to push the snow aside and to keep the streets clear.

When the snow is even higher large snow blowers are used. They not only push the snow aside but blow it aside with the help of a rotor, whereby the direction can be adjusted. These appliances can also be obtained for both private and professional use in areas where there is a large amount of snow. The chassis can be attached via one or two axes with wheels and also with crawler-type undercarriages which make it possible to clear away snow without the appliances sinking into the remaining snow.

Snow ploughs are not only used to clear streets and side walks but also to prepare ski slopes for sports. Frequently the snow there must not be cleared; it must only be made sure that skiers have a good slope to ski on. In extreme cases snow ploughs must be used to clear roofs of snow when the mass
of snow is too great and could cause the roofs cave in.