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Storm Warnings

Any kind of extreme weather situation that can entail damages for humans and things can be referred to as a storm. Every weather report will include a storm warning when this kind of a weather condition is expected. You can also use the internet to locate storm warnings and will receive an overview of places where storms are likely.

Extreme weather situations can arise at any time of the year and at any type of location, even if the dangers associated with these kinds of conditions do not occur everywhere. Very strong rain can destroy fields in a certain area, but the resulting flood does not have to wreak havoc to that part of land if the water can flow off well.

However, remote locations which are directly situated along rivers and lakes can be ravaged.
Weather situations that have the potential of being dangerous are heavy rain, heavy snowfall, storms, ice rain, storms or hurricanes; also extreme temperatures.

Heavy rain does not only cause traffic jams due to flooded streets or bad visibility, precautions must also be taken in certain areas, as for example to prevent the inflow of water into basements. Floods can be expected when regions are directly situated next to rivers and streams.

Heavy snowfall also constricts the traffic when the snow clearing services cannot keep up with the snow. Extreme caution is warranted in the mountains as one can expect not only steep down-grades but also narrow curves. The situation can become so extreme that at times winter sport areas are completely closed off from the rest of the word.

Storms often go hand in hand with heavy rain and bad visibility, in addition to the danger posed by lightening. What is even worse than the rain is the hail which can destroy complete harvests. Potentially this can be offset by adding silveriodid to storm clouds, but then there are the strong gusts of wind that frequently accompany storms which pose a danger in themselves.

Ice can have other causes in addition to the ground freezing. It is a typical traffic problem in winter which has an enormous effect on traffic.

Storms and hurricanes are strong winds that not only cause damage to forests and farmland. Branches that have broken off, trees that have fallen over, roofs have been unroofed, twisted antennas, garden furniture that flies through the air, etc, are only a few of the damages. A storm warning should therefore be used to survey the surrounding area critically for sources of danger.

When it is very cold or very hot it is good to think not only of the direct effects but also of the precautions that can be taken as a result of indirect dangers, such as electrical power outages.